Wednesday, 9 July 2008

All not quite on the Eastern Front


I have been doing some travelling but to cities. a quick itenary: itanagar-guwahati-delhi-bangalore-mysore-bangalore-chennai-pondicherry-chennai-bangalore-delhi-guwahati-itanagar, all in 20 days!

The two trips to Delhi were for political clearance from Ministry of Env. & Forests and Ministry of External Affairs to attend a field-course in Malaysia. i wont go into the details because its not worth it. All in all, theres been no travelling to exciting places in the north-east, but hopefully in a day or two i am headed to pasoh forest reserve in malaysia for six-weeks on a field course conducted by Centre for Tropical Forest Sciences. They have been very considerate in accepting my application for this.

So in Bangalore i bought a low-light 50-mm lens for my film camera, so look out for the 50-mm sections from now on, which may start with pictures from malayland.

See you on blog soon...!


Eskayem said...

Heyloz! Kartix. Dat's gr8 news man. Bash on Regardless, brudder. But dont forget 2 keep us all updated.

God Be Wid U! All de best, Au revoir, Ciao n Tata

Eskayem said...

Hey! Kartix. Ws gd chatting wid u while u were somewhere in Malayland. So whts up? Am eagerly waiting for ur pix from the low-light 50 mm lens.

I know being a film camera, it wl b some time b4 u cn gt the film processed, then scanned b4 being uploaded. But then, the wait wud b worth it, surely.

Have fun brudder n take care.