Wednesday, 9 July 2008

All not quite on the Eastern Front


I have been doing some travelling but to cities. a quick itenary: itanagar-guwahati-delhi-bangalore-mysore-bangalore-chennai-pondicherry-chennai-bangalore-delhi-guwahati-itanagar, all in 20 days!

The two trips to Delhi were for political clearance from Ministry of Env. & Forests and Ministry of External Affairs to attend a field-course in Malaysia. i wont go into the details because its not worth it. All in all, theres been no travelling to exciting places in the north-east, but hopefully in a day or two i am headed to pasoh forest reserve in malaysia for six-weeks on a field course conducted by Centre for Tropical Forest Sciences. They have been very considerate in accepting my application for this.

So in Bangalore i bought a low-light 50-mm lens for my film camera, so look out for the 50-mm sections from now on, which may start with pictures from malayland.

See you on blog soon...!