Thursday, 2 April 2009

An ode to Jenging

I call it the 'Holiday inn' of Upper Siang district. More than once I have reached this place late in the night in freezing cold. Another time I reached the place after riding for 70 km on a bike which gave me little trouble; the back tyre got punctured, the kicker broke, petrol got over and the engine wouldnt just start a couple times. Every time I reach the Circuit house in Jenging, a hot water bath, a superb meal, a warm bed, electricity to charge batteries and signal to make calls await me. To add to this, the person in-charge is a sweet Nepali person, who seems to know each time I hog a lot that I havent eaten too well in the last week.

So, this time too when I reached the place after riding in rain for 140 km for six hours, I was in heaven, with few pegs of whiskey to go with of course! I wrote an ode...after many many years...served with few pictures for flavour...

'Sweet memories of Jenging

In the morning, sunlight lazily pierces through the valley to cause a delayed dawn
and birds eagerly pick up their early worms and ripe fruits
The streams tirelessly produce their perennial soothing sound
and I meet an occasional local picking up leaves and certain roots

In the night, the giant mountains morph into silent ghosts
and clouds tonight have ushered the stars
A distant frog is muttering sweet little turrings to his potential mate
and the night as usual in my memory leaves pleasant scars

Three hills away I see a bike spiralling down the road
An occasional owl calls a high-pitched teewoo
As i get back to my warm bed content after a sumptous meal
Here's another place in the north-east India I wont forget too'