Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The village by the river – Bomdo

This is the day I want to start to write about the village Bomdo in Upper Siang District, Arunachal, by the river Siang, called Tsangpo in Tibet. What inspires me to write I can’t tell but seeing the google earth image of my field-village could be a trigger. This is the village;

Circled above are two important places in the village, the left one is my home for a big part of the next six months; the inspection bungalow of the forest department, built over a graveyard! and to the right is the Naamghar, the place for local meetings and feasts.

In the next few posts I will write stories of this village, since I will be spending a good amount of time here. You may see earlier articles with few mentions too, but here I start listing anecdotes from the village. Interesting things keep happening; someone brings a hunted barking deer someday, all days they bring back birds, the local booze parties and well the lazy evening gossip and chat! I hope you enjoy reading them, because I am certainly going to enjoy writing them!


Badhri said...

Superb writing!!
I have to admit I'm jealous!

Suresh said...

Too good Kartix, keep up de good work. As sure as Sunsets and Moonrises, am really really jealous.