Sunday, 6 April 2008

Gone fishing!

Sundays are supposed to be lazy and I didnt look forward to it really, another boring day in the office I thought, but Tamang da in our office said we could go fishing, so we went.
Tamangda has discovered a new fish species and found two new records for the State. He knows about fish ecology including what each species eats, where and when it breeds and has about three years of data about fish populations in streams around Itanagar. I have told him to publish a book since he has collected specimens of 48 stream fish species.

But one thing he doesn't have is a degree, and he happens to be our office clerk! The world is full of paradoxes I thinks!

This guy was stuck to this rock inside the water and why!

This was the fish catch for the day; we often threw out individuals which were young and didnt catch species that were relatively small. In all we got about 35 individuals of 7 species. Then, Tamangda called it a day...

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